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9.1. Publisher Introduction

Broad Choices

TN eCampus courses use a wide variety of publishers and content providers to meet course development needs. Services vary from publisher to publisher. Through publisher offerings, you may find access to the basics in electronic texts, interactive homework, and adaptive quizzing outside of the D2L environment. You may also find turn-key courses embedded seamlessly within the course. TN eCampus has maintained a collaborative role with publishers, the Virtual Bookstore, instructors, and course developers in the successful implementation and use of publisher materials.

Textbook Verification

Textbook Verification Form (new window)

New or Changing Tools

Course developers should always keep the TN eCampus Instructional Design team updated on new materials or textbook changes. This ensures the learning management system (LMS) is fully prepared for a successful launch of the integration. The course developer should also communicate with the Virtual Bookstore about new or changing texts. The Virtual Bookstore needs plenty of lead time to order and stock texts before the next semester start.

Instructor Support

The need for good communication continues between the course developer and the instructor. All course materials, publisher supplements, the information page for instructors, which contains developer contact information and any special notes, tips, or expectations in teaching the course materials. Beyond the development phase, it is important that course developers serve as a resource for instructors and communicate with them as needed.

Resources by Publisher

The table at the bottom of this page provides an at-a-glance view of publisher resources. Subsequent pages also provide a one-page view of each publisher. You will find most content is hosted outside of the course. There may be a login or course pairing procedure to activate the information in a course. Products may or may not offer automated grade migration back to your course. Others are fully integrated and functional within the course. One is not necessarily better, but understanding these differences may help you pick the best product for your course.

Publisher Grid View

This grid provides an at a glance view of publishers. All this table’s content and more can be viewed on the individual publisher pages. The last column also links to the subsequent Knowledge Book (KB) pages for each with more detail.

Publisher Product Website Hosting Environment Grade Sync Mobile Friendly
Jump to KB Page
Carnegie Mellon University Online Learning Initiative (OLI) (new window) Course materials accessed at OLI
No Most language courses--not all tested
Online Learning Initiative (OLI) (new window)
Cengage MindTap (new window) Course material accessed in D2L (new window)
Yes Mobile app
MindTap (new window)
Lumen Waymaker (new window) Course material accessed in D2L w/adaptive learning features
Yes Yes, all HTML content within D2L
Waymaker (new window)
McGraw-Hill Connect (new window) Content imported into D2L (new window)  w/adaptive learning features and a true single sign-on
Yes Tablets 7" or larger
Connect (new window)
McMillan Learning 
Sapling Learning (new window) Course material accessed in Sapling
Yes Some components are not mobile compatible
Sapling Learning (new window)
Pearson CourseConnect (new window) Course material accessed in D2L (new window)
Yes Tablets or larger
CourseConnect (new window)
Pearson MyLabs (new window) Course material accessed in D2L (new window) Yes Some components are not mobile compatible MyLabs (new window)
Pearson Revel (new window) Course material accessed in Revel w/adaptive learning features
Yes Mobile app Revel (new window)
TestOut LabSim (new window) Course material accessed in LabSim w/ a true single sign-on
Yes Instructional videos only LabSim (new window)
TopHat TopHat (new window) Course material accessed in TopHat
Yes Interactive polling during class instruction
TopHat (new window)

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