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9.2. Carnegie Mellon University: Online Learning Initiative (OLI)

CMU Online Learning Initiative (OLI)

Carnegie Mellon University’s Online Learning Initiative (OLI) courses are used at four-year universities, community colleges, high schools, and in home-schooling environments. Courses are created in a flexible and modular fashion, allowing educators to use the sections that apply to their content needs. Courses are designed with learning activities dispersed throughout the content. OLI courses provide targeted feedback to students and capture data about student learning, along with helpful tools for interpreting the data. OLI does not offer grade synchronizing back to your course.

Web Address: Get to Know OLI (new window)

Subject Range: Broad (new window)

Hosting Environment: Course materials accessed at OLI

Dashboard/Data Tools: Yes

Student Feedback Tools: Yes

Other: (OLI) is known for its language courses. There is no cost for students. Some Accessibility concerns with past courses.

Mobile Friendly: Most language courses--not all tested

Grade Synchronizing: No

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