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6.13. Assignments

Create an Assignment

Select Assignment from the Navbar.

The Assignment Submission Folders list will open. Choose New Assignment and enter an appropriate name in the Properties tab. Include a description of the assignment and instructions for the student to follow.

Assignments highlighted. New Assignment page opens with an arrow pointing toward Properties tab. Name and Instructions highlighted.

The assignment may have an Attachment or Recorded Audio message. Choose the assessment for Individual or Group

Make file submission options next.

File submission menu expanded to reveal File

Choose a Category or New Category to keep assignment folders organized. For a New Assignment Category, enter an appropriate Name for the category and choose Save when finished.

Folder type has Individual Submission Folder highlighted.  New Category link has arrow pointing to open window for new category. Name and Save highlighted.

Select the appropriate Grade Item from the menu or choose New Grade Item to associate the assignment folder. Enter the total possible points for the assignment in Out Of.

New Grade Item highlighted with arrow pointing toward an opened  Grade Item menu highlighted and expanded to Module 1 Assignment. Out of textbox highlighted with 5 entered.

A rubric can be added by choosing Add Rubric. Search for or select the appropriate rubric, or choose Create Rubric in New Window.  Default Scoring Rubric, sets the default rubric used to generate a score for each student as each is scored. However, rubrics can be selected to be used to score for an individual student if needed.

Enter the Instructions and requirements for the assignment.

Add Rubric highlighted with arrow pointing to Select Rubric window. Select Rubric window search textbox and checkboxes highlighted. Instructions textbox highlighted.

Allow users to add this folder to their ePortfolio is set by default. It can be unchecked to remove.

Documents, audio, and video files may be attached to the assignment by selecting the corresponding choice under Attached Files.

ePortfolio Artifacts checked. Attached files area with Add an Attachment menu expanded to File, Link, Existing Activity, Google Drive and One Drive. Record Audio open with Record, Play icons, and Add button highlighted.

Choose Save and Close when finished. 

Save and Close highlighted

Add Restrictions to an Assignment

Select Edit Submission Folder from the menu of the assignment.

Sample Folder context menu expanded to Edit Submission Folder.

Select the Restrictions tab. Check or uncheck Hidden from users. Choose Has Due Date if the assignment should be displayed in the course calendar but not accessed until it is time. Select the appropriate start and end dates for the assignment to open and close. Create Release Conditions by choosing Attach Existing or Create and Attach.

Availability for start, due, and end dates on the restrictions tab highlighted. Attach existing and create and attach options under the release conditions section of the restrictions tab.

Choose Save and Close when finished.

Save and Close highlighted

Delete an Assignment

Navigate to the Assignments list. Check the item to delete it. Open the More Options menu and select Delete.

Checkbox marked for second item. More actions drop down menu with the Delete option highlighted.

As an alternative, open the assignment's menu and choose Delete Folder.

Context menu highlighted and expanded to Delete.

Either method used will prompt a confirmation window to open. Choose Delete to confirm.

Delete highlighted on Confirmation page.

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