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9.2. Proctoring for Students

Student Information

Students are responsible for identifying an appropriate proctor and making arrangements for taking an exam according to specific guidelines.

Students must inform instructors of their proctoring choice. If needed, instructors will provide any needed documents to the proctoring site.

The following links have detailed information:

Finding a TBR site or using ProctorU are the most preferred methods.  Please explore proctoring options well in advance. Instructors must be given time to to make preparations for each proctoring option used by the students.

Have more proctoring questions?

You can contact the Help Desk at https://tnecampus.helpspot.com/ (new window)


Courses with Proctoring Requirements

The course list shown below has previously required proctored exams. This list is for reference purposes only and may have changed. 

ASTR 1030:  Astronomy and Lab
BIOL 1010:  Biology I & Lab
BIOL 1020:  Biology II & Lab
BIOL 1430:  Nutrition
BIOL 2010:  Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL2020:  Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL 2230:  Introduction to Microbiology with Lab
BIOL 3100:  Genetics
BUS 1050:  Legal Issues for the Web
CHEM 1010:  Introduction to Chemistry I and Lab
CHEM 1040:  General Chemistry
COM 1000:  Beginning HTML
CRMJ 1020:  Introduction to Legal Process
CSCI 3222:  Database Management Systems
ENGL 0810:  Writing Learning Support A
ENGL 2120:  American Literature II
ESC 1110:  Introduction to Environmental Studies I
ESC 1120:  Introduction to Environmental Studies II
FREN 1010:  Beginning French I
FREN 1020:  Beginning French II
HIT 1120:  Fundamentals of Disease Processes
HIT 2111:  Management and Supervision in Health Information
HSC 190:  Introduction to Human Pathophysiology
HUM 1010:  Introduction to Humanities I
HUM 1020:  Introduction to Humanities II
MATH 0810:  Math Learning Support A
MATH 0820:  Math Learning Support B
MATH 0830:  Math Learning Support C
MATH 1005:  Algebra Essentials
MATH 1010:  Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MATH 1130:  College Algebra
MATH 1530:  Probability/Statistics (non-calculus)
MATH 1630:  Finite Mathematics
MATH 1710:  Pre-calculus I
MATH 1720:  Pre-calculus II (Trigonometry)
MATH 1830:  Intuitive Calculus
MATH 1920:  Calculus II
MATH 2110:  Analytical Calculus & Geometry III
MGMT 4800:  Corporate Etiquette
PHIL 2430:  Philosophy of Religion
PHYS 1030:  Concepts of Physics and Lab
PHYS 2010:  General Physics I with Lab
PHYS 2020:  General Physics II with Lab
PHYS 2110:  Physics I with Lab
PHYS 2120:  Physics II with Lab
POLI 4350:  International Law
READ 0810:  Reading Learning Support A
SOAA 3350:  Social Statistics
SOAA 3444:  Data Analysis
SPAN 2010:  Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2020:  Intermediate Spanish II

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