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9.5. Proctor Through ProctorU

Using ProctorU

ProctorU is available at no charge to all students enrolled in TN eCampus courses. ProctorU gives students flexibility in where they take their exam. This online service connects you to a live proctor via a webcam. The proctor will walk you through the exam process and provide assistance if you run into any service problems.

Getting started with ProctorU is easy.

Step 1: ProctorU recommends just about any camera that can be purchased at your local electronics retailer. Web cams must have a microphone for you to communicate with your proctor. (Contact your instructor if you need assistance acquiring a webcam or headphones.)

Step 2: Check the Pre-Exam Checklist new window to make sure your computer and web cam meet the requirements. 

Step 3: Create an account new window and schedule your exam. Be sure to provide a valid email address and a phone number where you can be reached when you are taking the exam.

(See a detailed description of creating an account and setting up an exam.)  

Step 4: Schedule your exam in advance of the testing date. Students are encouraged to schedule their exam at least 72 hours prior to the date they plan to take the exam in order to avoid a scheduling accommodation fee.

Step 5: At the time of your exam, please return to http://go.proctoru.com new window and log in.

Getting Started Video

Creating an Account

Create an account new window opens a detailed form.

Enter "TN" in the Institution field or search alphabetically and choose TN eCampus. All fields with an asterisks are required.

Continue filling in the requested information.

(Read the Terms & Conditions.) Check the agreement check box and choose Create Account.

The homepage opens. Choose Test Your Equipment if not done in a previous step. Continue to Schedule New Session ahead of the exam period.

Complete the Institution and Term and search for the exam. Entering the subject, part of the course name, or section number. This will present a list of exams. You may have to scroll through if there are a large number of pending exams.

Choose your preferred date, time (am/pm). Available slots will be presented on the left side. Choose Select for your preferred option. Choose Need Help if you need additional help.

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