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3.3. Final Grades Guide

Final Grades

All final grades must be entered in the Final Letter Grade column. This assigned grade should be a letter (A-F), which must be input prior to the Final Grade Deadline (new window). Any student grades which are not entered by the specified deadline must be turned in manually using a TN eCampus Grade Change Form (new window).

If you have questions or need to request assistance with entering final grades (including if your course does not have the final letter grade column), please file a support ticket (new window).

Steps to Entering Final Grades

In the course, select Grades from the NavBar. Choose Enter Grades and Switch to Standard View if needed (not Spreadsheet View). 

Grades highlighted from NavBar. Arrows drawn to Enter Grades and Switch to Standard View.

Scroll to the right until you reach the Final Letter Grade column. Select the arrow to open the drop-down menu and select Enter Grades

Page scrolled to Final Letter Grade with menu expanded to Enter Grades. 

Next to each student's name, select the appropriate final letter grade from the drop-down menu in the Grade column. TN eCampus cannot accept a grade of NFG (No Final Grade). Assigning NFG to a student will read as a missing grade, and a Grade Change Form will be required.

Grades page opened to student list. Grade menu expanded to view possible grades from A to F and I and NFG

After entering a final letter grade for each student, select Save or Save and Close.

Incomplete or Grade Changes

Instructions for Incompletes (grades), Grade Changes, and the required form can be found on the Submitting Grade Changes and Revising Incompletes (new window) page.

*Please note, the deadline depends upon the student's home school rather than the delivery institution.

Troubleshoot Final Grades

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