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4.4. Student Participation Survey

Student Participation Survey

The Student Participation Survey is the only method approved by federal requirements as well as by TBR's Oversight Committee for identifying student participation in a course.

Students have 14 days from the start of classes, including weekends, to complete the brief survey. This survey requires students to acknowledge that they have read the following:

A news item is displayed at the top of the Course Homepage to notify the student of the survey. It is very important that this news item stays at the top of the course homepage so that students are alerted to complete the survey as this is the only way attendance is reported. Students may access the survey by clicking the link in the news item or by navigating to the Survey's link located on the course tools drop-down menu. The news item will automatically be removed from the news feed and the survey will be locked after the 14th day of class.

TN eCampus runs an automated report to extract completion information from the Student Participation survey that is then sent to the student's home institution.

An example of the Student Participation Survey news item is shown below and a PDF copy of the survey is attached should you wish to review it.

Survey highlighted from the NavBar and in Announcements 

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