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1.3. Online Courses FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Classes

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Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar Opens in window is maintained on the TNeCampus.org web site.

Attendance Reporting

TN eCampus instructors do not report attendance.  Attendance is reported via the Student Participation Survey. Students must complete this survey within the first 14 days of class starting for EACH of their TN eCampus classes.

Brightspace D2L our LMS

Brightspace and D2L are terms that are used interchangeably. D2L is the company that developed and manages Brightspace, our current Learning Management System (LMS) for TN eCampus courses. TN eCampus courses in Brightspace have a unique login. To access a TN eCampus course login at gotoclass.tnecampus.org Opens in new window . Other TBR institutions also use the Brightspace system to manage their own independent online courses, and this can be confusing since they may look similar but use different login URLs.

Course Syllabi

You can find a syllabus for your course(s) at https://tbr.simplesyllabus.com/en-US/syllabus-library. Please note, these are general course syllabi provided for a rough estimate of expectations. Students are expected to review the specific syllabus in their course for precise details to start the course.


Free Computer Technology Tutorial

GCFLearnFree.org new window provides FREE tutorials on the computer basics, Internet, social media and more you need to build digital literacy skills. Check out the All Topics (new window) page to see the range topics offered.


Help and Support


TN eCampus courses are taught by instructors from TN colleges/universities across the state. You may or may not have instructors from your home institution for your TN eCampus courses.


Login and Access

Login access to TN eCampus’ online classes is different from online classes at your home institution. Login to the TN eCampus portal at gotoclass.tnecampus.org Opens in new window and use assigned TN eCampus username and password, not your home school’s username/password.  TN eCampus typically emails login credentials to enrolled students approximately one (1) week before classes start. Be sure to check your school email regularly (including the junk/spam folder) for updates and information.

Students will not be able to login or access TN eCampus course content until after 3 pm CST on the first day of class.


New Online Students Orientation

If you have never taken a TN eCampus course before or have never taken online classes at all, we offer a FREE self-paced Online Orientation class and a short Orientation Video new window for new students.

You can access the Orientation course approximately one (1) week before classes start by logging in at gotoclass.tnecampus.org new window


Refund Deadlines

TN eCampus refund deadlines are different from on-ground schools refund deadlines. Check with your Student Liaison for your specific deadline.


Section Numbers

Some online courses are offered directly through each institution alongside TN eCampus partnership courses. TN eCampus courses in the campus registration systems are identified by the section number. TN eCampus section numbers will contain an "R" designation.

For example, ENGL 1010 R01, R25, R35, R50, R80

Only R50 courses are offered during the summer term.



We recommend using the TN eCampus Virtual Bookstore new window. You may use third-party vendors to purchase texts, but they may not have correct or current information about the texts used in your course. Many TN eCampus courses use customized textbooks and eBooks, which require an access code. Access codes are NOT universal and change from semester to semester. If ordering from another bookdealer, you might pay for a code that is no longer valid.


Withdrawal Deadlines

TN eCampus withdrawal deadlines may differ from the withdrawal deadlines at your home institution. Check with your Student Liaison for your specific deadline.


TN eCampus History

TN eCampus is a cooperative online enterprise among 4 universities, 13 community colleges, and 27 technology centers in Tennessee. Annually, more than 38,000 students take classes through TN eCampus, with a combined enrollment of more than 200,000 students (online and campus-based). TN eCampus online programs and courses are equivalent to those offered at physical campus locations. No differentiation is made between online and campus-based delivery for transcripts or diplomas. All participating institutions are regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), while many programs have additional discipline-specific national accreditation status.

TN eCampus Initiative

Through the TN eCampus, individuals considering a college education or options for accelerating degree completion can now get a comprehensive view of online programs and courses offered by TBR partner institutions, regardless of where or how they were developed. In total, there are 500+ online degree program options and certificates and 400+ online courses!


For more information, go to TNeCampus.org new window.

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