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1.6. TN eCampus Course Overview

Where can I take classes?

Through TN eCampus, you can choose to enroll at any college or university in the TN eCampus Opens in new window partnership. Degrees are awarded by the home school upon completion. This degree awarded is no different than any other degree awarded by your home institution. You may take a combination of classes with your home institution and TN eCampus or get your whole degree 100% online.


Types of Online Courses

In an online course, students access to course material online and follow instructions provided by a professor. Courses are structured so that students work independently but have significant interaction with the professor and other students. All courses have set schedules and due dates for assignments.
There are 3 types of online courses offered at TN eCampus:

Regular Online Courses (15-week duration)

A fully online course is conducted completely online, including any associated lab, with no need to visit the campus for instruction. These are typically conducted over a 15-week period in the traditional Spring and Fall semesters. Some fully online courses may use proctored testing for mid-term and final exams. If your exams are proctored, you can schedule your exam at a campus testing center during a specified window of time or find an alternative proctoring solution that meets your professor’s approval.

Accelerated Courses (7-week duration)

Some fully online courses are offered in an accelerated 7-week format. The content covered in a 7-week session is the same content covered in a 15-week semester except at a much faster pace. These courses are offered in the Spring and fall semesters. Late start, accelerated 10-week courses are also available in the Spring and Fall semesters.

Summer Courses (10-week duration)

Some fully online courses are offered in the Summer in a 10-week session. The content covered in a 10-week session is the same as that covered in a 15-week semester but at a faster pace. Currently, there are no accelerated (7-week or shorter) courses offered in the summer.

Will TN eCampus courses transfer to my school?

The best answer is to check with the college you are planning to attend as your home institution. You should check to make sure any outside credits will transfer and count toward your degree program. However, a majority of the TN eCampus participating colleges and universities have an agreement to accept credit awarded by their sister institutions. The Tennessee Transfer Pathway website may aid your investigation to find if credits will transfer.

To check on the credit transfer:


*Please note, the Tennessee Transfer Pathway is a useful tool, but it is important you confirm the credit will transfer and count toward your degree program by contacting your home institution directly.


Registration Times

Registration dates and deadlines along with other important semester information located on the TN eCampus Academic Calendar Opens in new window.

*Please note, students must register through their home institution. If you are not a current student, please review the Application Process Opens in same frame for information on how to apply.

Other Online Courses

Some online courses are offered directly through each institution alongside TN eCampus partnership courses. TN eCampus courses in the campus registration systems are identified by the section number. TN eCampus section numbers will contain an "R" designation. Courses without the "R" in the section number are taught through the individual campus.


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