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6.30. Question Library

Question Library

The Question Library stores and archives questions that can be accessed by the Quizzes, Surveys or Self-Assessment tools. Questions can be created directly in quizzes and other tools, but the best practice is to build questions in the Question Library to be used in multiple assessments. Building questions in the Question Library allows you to:

Additionally, edits and updates made in the library can be updated to other quizzes simultaneously. To see this in action, take a look at this video.

*Be advised, TN eCampus courses do not support Learning Objects Repository (LOR). If you need to export question content to another course or an MC, file a support ticket (new window) in HelpSpot to make that request.

Start or Edit a Question Library

Select Quizzes from the navbar to access the Question Library. Choose the Question Library tab in the quizzes window.

Quizzes highlighted from the navbar. Quizzes page opened with Question Library highlighted.


The question library will open. (In new course development, this area will be empty.) It is recommended to maintain a good organizational structure when creating questions in the question library. This will make it easy to reuse questions in future quizzes.

Two images:   New  Question library with no folders displayed or a Question Library with folders listed.


Create a new folder or section for questions. Choose New and then Section from the menu.  Enter a descriptive Section Name and add a Message if needed. You may create questions directly, but you will lose the organizational opportunity if the library just has lists of questions.

From the Question Library the New context menu is highlighted. Section is highlighted and opens New Section window. Section Name and Message textboxes highlighted to enter text.

In the New Section, Add a File is a commonly used option. Shuffle questions in this section may also be set on this page, or Add a File can be added individually in each quiz. Review other options and choose Save when finished.


Second image of the New Image page with Add a File and Shuffle questions in this section highlighted.



The New Section page will close and return to the Question Library. The newly created section folder will be displayed below any existing folders. Open the new library. Choose the New menu to create new questions by selecting the type of question to be used.

Find more information in the Brightspace Community on Types of questions in Question Library (brightspace.com). Brightspace also offers a variety of grading options. You can read more on Understanding grading options for question types in Question Library (brightspace.com).

Question library with the newly created section displayed.  New menu expanded to display 14 question types with Multiple Choice Question highlighted.

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