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6.36. Quizzes: Attempts in Progress, Resetting Quiz Attempts

Find and Submit a Quiz Attempt in Progress

Sometimes there can be a malfunction and a quiz attempt gets "stuck". Follow these steps to locate and submit the attempt. Navigate to the quiz list and select Grade from the quiz menu.

Quiz context menu expanded and highlight Grade.


Choose Users with attempts in progress from the Restrict to menu. Enter a name in the Search field. The list will show quiz attempts in progress. Select the Impersonate icon next to the student's name. Choose Yes in the confirmation window to continue.

 Search and Users with attempts in progress highlighted. Student with a quiz attempt in progress and the Impersonation icon highlighted. Yes highlighted in Confirmation window.


The quiz will open as it would for a student. It may be necessary to navigate to the last page. Scroll to the bottom and choose Go to Submit Quiz. A confirmation window will open to confirm. Choose Submit Quiz when finished.

Go to submit quiz button located at the bottom of the last page of the quiz.   Warning and quiz submission confirmation page with the submit quiz button highlighted.

The page will refresh and return back to the Attempts tab and display the completed attempted. Choose Save and Close to return to the quiz list.

Save and Close highlighted

Reset a Quiz Attempt

The quiz period is often passed by the time an instructor is notified a student has experienced technical difficulty or needs help. Please be aware of this and make sure to reset the quiz attempt AND grant special access for them if the quiz period has passed. If BOTH steps are not completed, the student will NOT be able to access the quiz.

Navigate to the quiz list and select Grade from the menu for the quiz.

Quiz context menu expanded and highlight Grade.

Select Search to view a list of students who have completed an attempt. Select the checkbox next to the quiz attempt to be delete and choose Reset to finish.

User attempt selected. Search and Reset highlighted.

A confirmation window will open. Choose Yes to confirm. The page will refresh and the attempt will be deleted.

Confirmation window open with Yes highlighted.


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