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6.41. Checklist

Create a Checklist

Select Course Admin from the navbar and choose Checklist from the page that opens.

Course Admin highlighted from navbar with arrow pointing to Course Admin page with Checklists highlighted.

Choose New Checklist to start a new list.

New checklist button highlighted.

Enter a Name for the checklist and an appropriate Description in the textboxes. Check New Window to have the checklist open in a New Window.

Select Save to finish.

New checklist page with the Name and Description textboxes highlighted. New Window checkbox and Save highlighted.

The page will refresh. Scroll to the Categories and Items section. Categories (examples highlighted in yellow) will enable grouping of checklist items like reading, assignments, or research. Items (examples highlighted in green) are the tasks on the checklist that can be marked as complete. Items are indented as a subset of each category in this layout.

Choose New Category to create a category.

New category button highlighted. Category and Items are visible.

New category button highlighted. Category and Items visible.

Enter a Name for the category and select Save.

The page will refresh with the new category. Select New Item to add items for the checklist.

New item button highlighted.

Select the Category context menu to associate the item with the new category.

Enter a Name for the new checklist item and any relevant description or instructions.

*Please note, links should not be placed in the description textbox. When master courses get updated, links in the checklist tool often get overlooked and cause trouble for students. Use the content section of the course to link materials instead.

Below the description is an option to set a Due Date. If a due date is set, it will be displayed in the course calendar. Be careful when using the checklist item due dates as it can become confusing when dates are appropriately set in the assignment, discussions, and other areas.

Select Save to finish.

New category page with the Name textbox and Save button highlighted.

The Restrictions tab provided options to create and attach Release Conditions. Choose Create and Attach to start a new release condition. Choose the Condition Type from the menu and other Condition Details as appropriate. Choose Create then Save and Close. This process is very similar to other restrictions throughout D2L.

Restriction tab highlighted. Create and Attach highlighted with arrow pointting toward Create a New Release Condition window. Menus highlighted with sample choices. Create and Save and Close highlighted.

Edit a Checklist

To edit a checklist item or category, mark the checkbox next to the item/category, and choose Edit. The process to edit an item or category is similarly creating a new item or category.

Edit button is highlighted.

Delete a Checklist

To delete a checklist item or category, mark the checkbox of the item or category, and choose Delete.

A confirmation window will open. Choose Delete to finish.

*Please note, if a category is selected to be deleted, all items within that category will also be deleted.

Delete button highlighted. Arrow pointing toward Confirmation window. Delete highlighted here too.

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