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7.3. Enable Flash in Chrome

Flash and Course Videos

Some course videos require the Flash plugin enabled to work properly. The setup varies a bit from one browser to another. Follow the steps below to enable Flash in the Chrome browser.


Navigate to the menu button on the top right side of the Chrome window. The menu button is represented by three stacked dots. Choose Settings from the menu list.

Menu icon highlighted. Settings selected.

From the Settings page, scroll to the bottom and choose Advanced.

Settings page with dotted arrow pointing to scroll down to Advanced.

From the Advanced page, choose Content Settings.

Content Settings highlighted on the Settings page.

Choose Add to allow a URL to use Flash.

Add button highlighted under Flash.

Enter gotoclass.tnecampu.org under Site for TN eCampus courses. Choose Add to finish.

gotoclass.tnecampus.org added to field. Add highlighted.

The refreshed page will show gotoclass.tnecampus.org added to the Allow list.

gotoclass confirmed on refreshed page.

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