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4.16. Embed Code and Linked URLs

Embed Code and Linked URLs

Many assignments or discussions may require embedded or linked content. Find the Insert Stuff icon to embed or create links in your content.

HTML editor and menu. Insert Stuff highlighted upper left.

From the Insert Stuff window, choose Insert Link or Enter Embed Code.

Insert Stuff window open. Insert Link and Enter Embed Code highlighted.

To Insert a Link, go the to the website and select the URL or use a Share option and choose Copy. (This example is from a popular video sharing site. Share is located under the video window.)

Sample share highlighted. Window expanded to share page with URL information. Copy highlighted.

Paste the code in the text window

Insert Link window open and ready for URL.

Add descriptive text to replace the actual URL to help all users understand the link destination. Choose Insert.

Insert Stuff window expanded. Sample replacement text highlighted.

To embed a video, the video-sharing site must provide the embed code through a Share option. Choose the word Embed or the <> icon. A window will open with a long code that starts with <iframe> and ends with </iframe>. Use the copy button.

Share window expanded. Embed highlighted with window expanded with code highlighted.

Paste the code in the text window and choose Next.

Enter Embed Code open and ready for code.

The next window will offer a preview. Choose Insert to finish.

Code entered with an option to preview video and Insert highlighted.

Check the editor to review the newly added link or embedded video. 

Video Note

Video Note is another option to create and share a video directly in Brightspace. From Insert Stuff, choose Add Video Note and follow the prompts.

Add Video Note highlighted from the Insert Stuff tool.

Prefer to watch a short video?

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