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3.5. Examity Virtual Proctoring

Examity Virtual Proctoring

Examity is the current virtual proctoring option for online courses through TN eCampus. This page will provide a tutorial for course developers and instructors to setup virtual proctoring for Mid-term and Final exams.

Single Sign-on

There is no need for students or instructors to log into a website to access this service. Examity proctoring uses the single sign on process, which means once a student or instructor logs into their course there is full access to the program. TN eCampus staff will insert the Examity SSO link within your course in the Getting Started module during the first two weeks of semester start.

You can click that link to access the Examity dashboard.


Virtual Proctoring Dashboard

The dashboard will open after the link is selected. It offers access to four key areas starting with courses assigned to the instructor.

Examity dashboard with Courses highlighted and expanded to show sample course.


Courses Details identifies key information including course status. The next tabs expose more information under the course group.

Course Details includes fields for Name, ID and Status.


Test-taker presents details on all students enrolled in the exam. Notice the Profile completion, Status, and Accommodation columns.

Test-takers list of names, email, profile, status, and accommodation columns.


Choose a student link to see the profile and exams or choose the Courses tab to see more.

Individual test-taker sample page with ID picture and personal information. List of Exams at the bottom of the window.


Course Accommodations allow instructors to select specific students that need adjustments to the testing process including accommodation for persons with disabilities.

Course Accommodation tab expanded to choose students and add accommodations details.


Exams Info provides access to edit exam items. Notice Test Window, Exam Duration, Exam Password, and more in this window. Live Premium is the only choice for Security Level for TN eCampus courses. Choosing exam information within the Courses tab will open the Exams tab to reveal the same information.

Exams tab expanded to Info sub tab as described in text.


The rules tab presents the standard rules and provides an option to add Addition Rules.

Exam Rules sub tab expanded to show Standard Rules and possible Additional Rules.


Instructions can be imported from other courses or new instructions may be added. Notice instructions may be visible to the Proctor, Test-taker, or both.

Exam Instructions sub tab expanded. Add Another Set of Instructions highlighted and pointing to text box.


Tracking Exam Status allows instructors to track exam progress and to view videos of completed exams. If there are noted incidents in the video, there will be time-stamped flags to reduce watch time to review the incident. Notice this exam has two flags that are pending an auditor check.

Exam Results sub tab expanded to show 3 students. One each is showing scheduled, pending Auditor, and Not Scheduled. One student has a green flag and a yellow flag. See next description text.

What do the flags mean?

Essentially they are listed in ascending order of concern.

The four color flags described in previous text.

The system reports provide summaries for information found throughout the system.


Screenshot of previously described reports.


Help Communicating with Students

Use the Instructor to Student tool kit (new window) to connect with students. You may also download this file at the bottom of the page. This Word file contains editable message samples you can customize and share with students. If you need to reach a student outside of D2L, contact the student liaison (new window) at your home campus.


Have more proctoring questions?

View Examity's Resources page

Examity Instructor/Admin Training

This video is a comprehensive training for instructors and administrators using Examity for the first time.

Examity Instructor Training V5

This video is a comprehensive training for instructors and administrators using Examity for the first time. It is for clients exclusively using Automated Premium and Automated Standard

How to Create an Exam

This video demonstrates how to create an exam from your dashboard when Examity is not integrated with your system.


Pearson MyLabs Courses

If your exams are located within Pearson MyLabs, you must set up your own proctored exam within the Examity dashboard.  When you build your exam, you must use this URL for the exam link: https://mlm.pearson.com/northamerica/mymathlab/.  This is the only link that does not redirect and throw the student out of the Examity window.  You should also include an instruction to both proctors and students that reads “Students should login using their Pearson credentials.”  (Students may already know this, but please still include it).


TN eCampus has a dedicated account manager who can answer any questions you have. Please contact Brian Bell bbell@examity.com (sends email) or (855) 392-6489 EXT 761 (Faculty ONLY)


Student Resources

Students have their own Examity tutorial page (new window) in Knowledge Books. If a student needs assistance acquiring a webcam, please contact the TN eCampus Help Desk at tnecampus@helpspot.com (new window). Britt Young is your TN eCampus proctoring contact, and you can email her at byoung@tbr.edu.

Examity has created their 5 Tips for Online Test-Taking Success (new window). This 1-page resource could be helpful for students getting started.

Feel free to share these links with your students.


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