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6.23. Assignments Creation

Assignment Creation

Brightspace's assignment tool experience has a consistent navigation experience that has been applied to almost all toolsets from Assignments to Rubrics. The classic tabbed view has been transformed into a fully immersive page layout that has been simplified and organized around typical workflows to streamline work. 

Assignment Workflow

In the assignment workflow, the page view becomes the workflow hub of the most common features. Most features are accessible within 1 to 2 clicks. 

From a single point, arrows pointing to Name, Score, Due Date, Instructions, Availability, Submission, and Evaluation.

Getting Started

Select Assignment from the Navbar. The Assignment Submission Folders list will open. Choose New Assignment and enter an appropriate name in the Properties tab. Include a description of the assignment and instructions for the student to follow.

Assignments highlighted from the NavBar with arrow pointing to New Assignment.

Availability Dates & Conditions

Expanding Availability Dates & Conditions exposes calendar entries for Start and End Date. Adding Release Conditions allows you to Create New or to Add Existing if there are previously created conditions. After choosing the Condition Type. Choose the Condition Details that match the need.

(Locking Options were replaced by Availability options.)

Availability Dates & Conditions window expanded to Start/End Date and Release Conditions. Arrow pointing to new Release conditions window. Condition Type and Condition Details choices available.

You can learn more from the Brightsapce Community (D2L) regarding the following:

Dates on the Calendar

It is no longer necessary to explicitly choose "Display in Calendar" while setting updates for assignments. An assignment date will populate automatically, but there is a priority.

It is recommended to use the Due Date as a minimum choice. 

Due Date, End Date and Start Date highlighted

Special Access

Manage Special Access is an important feature to deal with emergencies and to meet accessibility needs. The option to Allow only users with special access is strongly discouraged.

Manage Special Access window radio button Allow users with special access as described.

Submission & Completion

There are several choices to make here starting with Individual or Group Assignment. Once selected, choose the category or create a new category. Submission Type includes File, Text, On paper to Observed in Person submission options. Choose the Files Allowed Per Submission and how Submissions are handled. Students may make one to multiple submissions and you may choose to only keep the last one. Enter an email address for Notifications.

Submission & Completion window with choices for Assignment Type, Files Allowed, and Submissions.

Restricting File Extensions for Submissions

Instructors can now specify the extensions of files that learners can upload as assignment submissions. When an instructor is creating a file submission assignment. In this drop-down list, instructors can choose the restrictions they want.

Additionally, Brightspace blocks some files for security reasons. Additional information can be reviewed in the Brightspace Community (D2L). Files can also be blocked for invalid characters in the file name. Now an explanation is provided to clarify why files cannot be uploaded.

Message: The filename is invalid. Please ensure the name is not blank and does not include \  /  :  * ? " < > or |

You can customize what is acceptable for your assignment that is included in the safe list of files.

Restrictions menu expanded to Custom Restrictions

Choose Custom File Extensions and enter file extensions that are allowed for file submissions. When this restriction is set, learners are presented with a list of acceptable file extensions for their assignments. When a learner attempts to upload a file submission for an assignment of a file extension type that the instructor has restricted, an error message appears.

Field open to list allowed extensions separated by a comma.

For more information, see File types supported by Annotations (Brightspace Community)

Align Assignments to Categories

The new assignment creation experience supports the alignment of assignments to categories. Instructors can add new or existing assignment categories when creating or editing a new assignment.

Category menu expanded to reveal Quiz and Assignment

Evaluation & Feedback

Rubric Create New expands to calendar. Manage Turnitin expands to Enable Grademark and Originality Check options.

Additional Resources

To learn more visit the full tutorials in Knowledge Books. You may also watch a short video from D2L.

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