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4.2. Ally Student Overview

Ally Student Overview

TN eCampus has integrated Blackboard Ally into the online course experience. Ally helps instructors maintain accessible content for all users, but Ally also gives students choices in the way they access course content. Ally uses the original course files and documents to create alternative format files that include:

Brief text example of text color with gradual changes from black to dark blue to black to dark red


Access an alternative file anywhere the Ally download icon is present. Ally works right where you are within your online course without accessing third party sites or special logins.

List of course files with Ally icons highlighted.

Choose a new version of the original that is best for your needs.

File choices: Tagged PDF, HTML, ePub, Electronic braille, Audio and BeeLine Reader

Which one is right for you?  It may depend on how you like to learn, the place you are when you want to learn, or other reasons you need specific support. Use this table to review the choices.

Table pictured with column of possible needs and columns for each of the alternative formats that apply in each scenario. Follow link to Blackboard Ally site for more detailed explanation.

Choosing an alternative format does not change the original content of the course. You can always view the original content or try another format. If this option is not available, then it is not one of the 6 file types available for conversion, or your instructor has restricted that specific file.

Ally provides alternative formats for these content types:


Prefer a short video? Watch Blackboard Ally for Students.

(This video is made for the Blackboard LMS, but the functionality is the same.)

Read more about each feature on the Blackboard Ally site (new window).


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