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6.1. Troubleshooting


If you have trouble accessing Brightspace or staying connected, there are some easy points to check to resolve problems. The Help Desk, student liaison, and your instructor are good supports if you need them, but you may want to check some of the tips here before reaching out for help.

Login Issues

Login ID and password are among the most common issues students have with their course. Please review the tutorial specifically for Logging Into Your Course (new window). There you will find detailed instructions and tips specific to that topic.

Your Computer

Even though the computer is on and functioning, this is still the best place to start troubleshooting issues. We encourage students to use a wired connection to the Internet, but we also know wifi is commonly used for just about everything, but it can be temperamental due to a variety of factors. Consider the following points related to your computer:

Help Desk

You may always reach out to the Help Desk at (866) 895-8429 anytime for assistance with the recovery of your login or password. Your institution must provide your initial login credentials. Check with the institution if you do not have a login. The Help Desk can help you recover that information if previously created.

The Help Desk can provide some assistance with the basic navigation and functionality of Brightspace tools. The Help Desk cannot provide information about course content, assignments, deadlines, assessments, or similar information. See your instructor for course-specific information.

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