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2.3. Escalate Student-Success Concerns

Report It Now

In an effort to better equip faculty and support students, TN eCampus has implemented an easy way for instructors to escalate student-success concerns.

Research indicates that early alert systems can be a key component of successful student-retention strategies and can be particularly effective when used to connect at-risk students to vital support resources.  Additionally, best practice suggests that student engagement problems tend to persist without some form of intervention.

Monitor Class Progress

Class Progress (Brightspace tool) is a valuable resource to monitor early login activity, low activity after the course starts, and failing grades that may also follow declining course activity. As the course instructor, you will want to monitor and respond to these and other flags of concern before things spiral.

Snapshot of student activity with a mix of login dates, frequency, and time spent in comparison with strong to poor grades. Low activity correlates to low grades. 

Steps You Can Take Now

After discovering concerns reach, out to students to help get them on track as you normally would do. If the student(s) don't respond or don't "course correct", reach out to TN eCampus to alert us of student engagement and performance problems as soon as they arise-- via the Report It Now button, located on each course home page.

Sample course page with the Report It Now button highlighted..

Clicking the Report It Now button will provide feedback for students who are either not actively engaging OR who may be performing at an “at-risk” level. Your escalation will notify both TN eCampus Student Success staff and the student's home campus.

Complete the Form

A support request form will open. This is the same form you would use to complete other support requests. Complete as much information as you can in the text fields and dropdown menus.

  1. Enter your name, email address, and phone number.
  2. Choose Yes for Urgent Request.
  3. Choose Student Early Alert to categorize your request for this type of concern.
  4. Choose Instructor or another appropriate staff role.
  5. Provide specific information for the student, course section, and the concern for the student. You may attach a file if you have further documentation you would like to include.

Report form with sample data provided to encourage instructor contact information and specific information about the student, course and concern. 

Type the Security Word in the text field. (The word changes each time.)

Early Alert Research

Early Alert Systems in Higher Education (Hanover Research) 


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