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6.16. Equation Editor

Equation Editor

The Brightspace Text Editor has updated the Graphical, MathML, and LaTeX equation tools to assist in adding content using the Graphical Equation Editor. Using this feature allows users to insert mathematical and statistical equations into their content in the Brightspace platform tools, such as discussion topics, custom instructions for assignment folders, content topics, and more.

Equation Editor symbol highlighted from toolbar.

Graphical Editor

The Graphical Editor features a toolbar equipped with a selection of tool buttons. This toolbar provides the neces­sary elements to construct equations quickly and easily. Each button in the Equation Editor toolbar opens a palette of related mathematical symbols. This editor is the most visual of the three options and it is best suited for those that only write equations occasionally.

Editor opened to the first tab for common operations. Sample problem started square root..


LaTeX is a typesetting system based on TeX. Although there’s a bit of a learning curve, it’s compact and efficient once you’re familiar with the commands. Advanced users find that this is the fastest input type.
There are two possible modes for LaTeX entry: text mode and math mode. MathJax supports math mode only. If you add LaTeX using the Equation Editor, allow for the following differences in math mode:

LaTeX sample problem with mixed operators and preview shown.

LaTeX Inline Equation (update)

D2L has updated how you can draft scientific and mathematical equations in LaTeX. Equations can be rendered seamlessly without the need to use the LaTeX equation option in the Equation Editor. The Equation Editor is still available. Choose the method that is best for you.

A Content topic with some inline LaTex equations and a learner’s view of the equations


MathML is a standard adopted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It uses XML to describe mathematical notation by capturing both its structure and content. This enables MathML to support the visual display and assistive technology access. 
Its appearance is similar in structure to HTML. Unlike HTML, MathML is not designed to be hand-written. It is recommended that you compose equations in a visual editor and paste its MathML output into the Brightspace Equation Editor.

MathML code for sample problem along with a preview.

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