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2.7. Contact Instructor and Classmates

Email Instructor and Classmates

Brightspace provides a means of communication within the course, but please note, that the online course system is a closed email system. This means students and teachers cannot send messages to or from external email sites, such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook. Students and teachers are encouraged to communicate within the course email system to streamline response and follow up needs.

Sending Messages

Log in to the course and select Classlist from the navbar menu. The Classlist will open. The instructor and students are listed by role.

Classlist highlighted from navbar. Role, instructor and sample person highlighted.

In the Classlist, choose the name of your instructor and open the menu to email, or alternatively, check the name and select the Email icon. This will open a new email message.

Checkbox and email highlighted. Instructor name and menu highlighted to show email.

From this view, note the typical email features such as, To (address), Subject, Body (message), and Attachments, which include Record Audio. Compose the email and select Send to send a message.

Email features highlighted.

Return to your course regularly to see if you have received an email response, indicated by a red dot next to the email icon, at the top of the page.

Note: TN eCampus policy allows instructors up to 48 hours to respond to student emails. 

If you have questions about assignments or other course work, be sure to allow plenty of time before deadlines to receive a response.

If you do not receive a response from your instructor after 48 hours, you can use the Get Help Now! button on your course homepage to contact TN eCampus.

Some instructors provide emergency/alternative contact information. A link to the Instructor Information page is located in the Announcements section of the course's homepage. Instructor Information is also in the Getting Started module of the course content under Syllabus.

 Instructor information link highlighted from homepage under Announcements.

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