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4.14. Grades


Automated grading features may decrease response time to students for some graded items. However, some graded items require instructors to manually assess all or part of an assignment, quiz, or exam. Additionally, some courses complete homework and other assignments on 3rd party sites such as Pearson’s MyMathLab or Cengage's MindTap. Grades from these types of sites may offer grade results within that site upon completion. Those grades may take time or action by the instructor to migrate to D2L Brightspace grades pages. Students may need to check both sites to review all grades during transition periods. Students should contact their instructor for any questions or clarification regarding grades.

View Grades

View grades by selecting Grades from the NavBar on the course homepage.


Grades highlighted on navbar


Sample Grades page opens Final Letter Grade and Module 1 quiz are highlighted.

There is a row for the Final Letter Grade which will remain blank until the final exam and the instructor has submitted the final grade for the semester. There are two assessments in this example. MicroQuiz's score is highlighted and reflects 10 out of 10. This quiz has been graded. Module 1 Quiz does not have a score. It has not been graded. This sample is simplified to highlight these details, but typical courses will have numerous categories for assignments, discussions, and quizzes.




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