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5.5. Alternate Site Proctors

Alternate Site Proctors

Step 1: If you cannot make proctoring arrangements at a TBR institution, work with your instructor to find a proctor at another location.

The following individuals are typically accepted as alternative proctors:

Individuals not allowed to proctor include:

Step 2: Obtain approval from your instructor in a timely manner. All alternate testing site proctors must be approved prior to testing.

Step 3: Email your alternate testing site and request a proctor. Send the following information:

Note: Call the proctor, if you do not get a timely response by email.

Step 4: Ask the proctor at the alternative site to send an email message directly to your instructor. The message should include the following information:

Step 5: Your instructor will notify you when your proctor has made contact. Your instructor will reply to your proctor and send directions, materials, passwords, etc., for your proctored examination or essay. Students are responsible for setting up a time to meet with your proctor.

Step 6: All proctors must be approved by the course instructor in a timely manner prior to the test.

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