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1.1. Navigating Knowledge Books

Navigating and Maximizing Knowledge Books

Knowledge Books operate like many other web tools, but we want to offer a few pointers to get you up to speed quickly. Let’s start with the home for TN eCampus Students. In this view, the word cloud of knowledge tags is associated with various content pages. Larger font sizes indicate the increased frequency the word is used as a knowledge tag. This can be helpful to locate pages with similar content. There is also a list of pages designated as Most Helpful after the word cloud. A search field rounds out the bottom of this page. The word cloud and search fields are quick ways to seek information.

TN eCampus Students homepage in Knowledge Books described in the text.

List View

Choosing TN eCampus Students from the menu on the left opens a list view of all chapters and pages. Notice the callouts arranged in hierarchical order in the image. This shows how the information for TN eCampus Students is compiled in a “book” of numbered “chapters”. Chapters are further divided into “pages”. Scroll through the list and select the chapter or page you want to view.

TN eCampus Students in Knowledge Books listing information by book, numbered chapter and page.

Breadcrumbs and More

In addition to the content of this page, you will find many more features. At the top of the page is a breadcrumb trail to help you navigate up a level to the book or chapter you were previously viewing. The hierarchy runs through the book, chapter, and page for quick navigation. If you need help, the Email Support and Phone Support options are listed in the upper left corner of the page frame. At the bottom of the page, Knowledge Tags link to other content with similar information.

TN eCampus Students example page, "What is TN eCampus". Image highlights help/support, Knowledge Tags, Feedback and Previously Viewed breadcrumb link.

Feedback buttons Helpful and Not Helpful are placed in the lower right corner. The bottom of the page has a breadcrumb link to the previously viewed page. Browser arrows may be used. Content linked within the Knowledge Books will remain in the same frame of the window you are using. Content linked to outside sites will open in a new window.

Keyword Tags

For example, choosing the knowledge tag, TN eCampus, returns matches presented below. 

Screencast image of TN eCampus Students result page for TN eCampus as a knowledge tag search.

Need further help with Knowledge Books or other TN eCampus resources, contact our Help Desk (Helpspot).

Knowledge Tags

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