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5.1. Respondus: BIOL2010, 2020, 2230

BIOL Students: Using Respondus Lockdown Browser for Assessments


What is Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a special browser that prevents students from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications while they are completing their assessment.  If the assessment requires Respondus, students will be unable to take the assessment with a standard web browser.

How do I know if I need to use Respondus?

BIOL 2010, 2020, and 2230 students are required to use Respondus Lockdown Browser for their midterm examination.

How do I install Respondus?

When you click to begin your midterm, you will be directed to download Respondus.  Here’s how you install it:

  1. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the download. 
  2. Once Respondus has been downloaded, click on the midterm again. 
  3. If Respondus was downloaded correctly, it will direct you to launch the midterm in lockdown mode. 
  4. Launch the assessment in lockdown mode.
  5. Take the assessment!

I need more help!

  1. Contact your instructor.
  2. Check out D2L’s Student Quick Start Guide for more Respondus information.
  3. Call the Help Desk: 1-866-895-8429
  4. Email TN eCampus at

Watch this short video.

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