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5.3. Virtual Proctoring with Examity

Virtual Proctoring with Examity

Examity is one of the TN eCampus options provided as an online solution for virtual proctoring.

If you are trying to take your test right now, and are having difficulty getting connected, call Examity's help number: (855) 392-6489.

Getting Started and Creating a Profile

Login to (new window). Select a course, and find the link for Examity (virtual proctoring tool) in the submodule with your exam.

Course page with Content hightlghted with arrow pointing to Mid-term popout window. Virtual Proctoring highlighted.

The Examity profile page will openthe first time you log in. Create a profile by following the prompts to upload your ID and add the requested information.

Examity welcome page for Set up your profile. Add Your Information expanded to prompt pesonal information.

*Pro Tip: Be sure to enter the Country Code, which is the number 1 for the United States. Also, the system requires the Area Code entered with parenthesis and followed by a hyphen. See the example below.

Phone Number zoomed in to highlight Country Code and error message. Correct example (615)-555-1212 given.

The next step is to either take a picture or upload your government-issued photo ID/passport.

Profile page opened to Upload your Photo ID. Take and picture and Upload an image highlighted.

To take a picture, use your webcam or computer camera and choose Take Picture to add your ID. Choose Yes to allow your webcam to be used.

Photo ID Capture window open with sample ID image. Take picture and Let Examity use your webcam highlighted.

Choose 3 Challenge Questions and provide personalized answers. These questions will be used to validate your identity for each exam.

Create challendge response window opened to expanded list of typical questions that include: oldest child, first job, nickname, maiden name, mascot and oldest cousin. Field to give answer provided.

Follow the prompts to type your name. Please note, which part (first/last) is requested and use NO CAPS in each section. Type with your natural rhythm and cadence to create your digital signature.

Digital signature using no caps to type first, last, first and last and repeat name. Complete profile setup highlighted to close.

This is a good time to check the system requirements. It is recommended to check for each exam as well.

Profile created splash message suggests checking requirements or to skip.

If the system reports that an area is Not Ready, then check for loose cables or software settings that may be a problem.

*Pro-tip: Google Chrome is the preferred browser. Mozilla Firefox is a good alternative, but the system check may reject Firefox under certain browser settings. (Other browsers are not recommended.)

Sample tech report with WebCam Not Ready. Microphone, Operation System, Browser and Speed all marked Ready.

Schedule an Exam

Open the exam submodule and choose Examity to schedule an exam.

Sample Mid-term submodule with Examity link setup.

Choose the Exam tab from the dashboard to get started. Plan to schedule an exam well before the due date. Proctoring is available day and night, but the date and time must be scheduled. The proctoring service is free as long as exam dates are scheduled within a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time. Expect a fee for On-Demand proctoring within 24 hours of the exam. Notify your instructor you will be using virtual proctoring.

Dashboard view of Exams tab showing a sample exam with test window, duration and exam rules.

Choose a convenient date and time available during the testing window to take your exam.

Schedule an exam calendar open with Feb. 29 and 12 am highlighted.

Once the exam is scheduled students may review rules and special instructions.

Exam confirmation screen with test and date set. List of standard rules and colums for Additional Rules and Special Instructions.

On the day of the exam, return to the Virtual Proctor link and choose Connect to a Proctor from the dashboard. You will be connected to a proctor who will walk you through the rest of the ID verification process and launch your exam.

Exam window open again. This one shows the Connect to a Proctor button.

System Requirements

There are several opportunities to check technical requirements before an exam, please confirm you meet the technical requirements for virtual proctoring.

Additional Keys to a Successful Exam Day

You can also checkout Examity's 5 Tips for Online Test-Taking Success (new window). This 1-page resource could be helpful for getting started also.

Have more questions or need help?

Please check out Examity's resources page, located here.

If you need help creating a profile or have trouble with an exam, please contact the Examity support team by phone (855) 392-6489 or (sends email) for assistance.

Prefer a Short Video?

Live Proctoring Tutorial V5

This video will show you how to schedule and launch a live proctored exam with Examity.

Examity + Third-party Testing Platform V5

This demo illustrates the test-taker workflow when the exam launches in a third-party testing site.

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