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2.8. Get Help Contacting Your Instructor

Get Help Now

One of our top priorities is to support students on their path to success. We know students must receive timely responses to do their best, and TN eCampus has engagement expectations for instructors with students (usually within 48 hours). If you are not able to reach your instructor or need additional support, we can help you connect to your instructor, a student liaison, or provide other support resources. Choose the Get Help Now button directly from your course page.

Get Help Now button from a course homepage

Submit a Request

  1. Click the Get Help Now button (located on each course home page), to request help contacting your instructor or course support resources.
  2. A form will open. Complete as much information as you can in the text fields and dropdown menus. Student should select Instructor Request and Student from the menus for this type of request. Enter the Security Word in the text field.

    Sample help request form with text fields and dropdown menus exposed. Instructor Request and Student highlighted
  3. Your escalation will notify the TN eCampus Student Success staff.
  4. TN eCampus Student Success staff will take appropriate steps to assist you.

Please review the Communication Expectations (same frame) tutorial for more information.

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