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4.11. Checklist

Course Checklists

Using the checklist is a great way for students to feel confident in their progress through a course. The Checklist is set up by instructors to identify essential tasks that must be completed within a module. The Checklist is not automatically updated when you complete a task, but it is something for students to check to ensure they have completed all tasks before moving on to the next module.

*Please note, not all courses use Checklists. If you do not see one in your module, then it is not available.

Access a Checklist

Open Class Progress from the NavBar. If the course has a checklist it will be located under the Table of Contents.

Class Progress highlighted from the navbar. Checklist listed on left side.

Checklist Progress will open. Choosing a checklist will expand the list. Check the boxes next to the items completed. Notice the Complete Bar changes as checkboxes are added. Choose Save when finished.

From Checklist Progress page, Module 3 highlighted and expanded.

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