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4.18. Using the Classlist and Email

Group Message

Select Classlist from the NavBar to initiate email messages to your classmates and/or instructor. Email can be sent on an individual, groups, or to the entire class using the Classlist. Choose Email Classlist to send a class-wide message. This is the fastest easiest way to message the group in the class.

*Please note, outside email tools and addresses will not work inside D2L. Use the D2L email and messaging tools to contact classmates and instructors.

Classlist highlighted from the navbar. Steps highlighted to email individuals and groups.

Individual Messages

There are several methods to send individual messages. Classlist has a search tool that can be narrowed to Instructors or Students. Type in a name and select the user to message. The class list is at the bottom of the page. Choose the checkbox of the user and the Email icon. Multiple users can be selected. (Choosing the top checkbox will also select all class users to send a group message.) A user's name may also be selected to start an individual message.

Search highlighted. User's checkboxes selected with Email icon highlighted.

Email from the NavBar

The Email icon at the top of each page is another way to message classmates and instructors in and out of the current course. Choose Email to continue.

Email icon highlighed from top row icons. Opens submenu with email highlighted.

The Folder List page opens. Choose Compose to start a new message. A new message page opens. To: and Subject: lines and Body are highlighted for standard content. This page also has familiar formatting tools and Attachment options. Choose Send when finished composing the message.

Folder List window opens with Compose highlighted. Arrow points to Compose New Message as described in text.

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