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4.9. Quizzes and Assessments

Quizzes and Assessments

Quizzes and other assessments such as, exams and tests are found in the course under Quizzes on the NavBar of the course homepage. Only the tests and quizzes currently available will be visible. Some assessments, such as practice quizzes, may always be available. Typically, practice quizzes may be taken multiple times. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these options.

Some courses may administer assessments through a 3rd party service such as MyMathLab. For details on the required assessments in the course, please refer to the course syllabus located in Content.

Quizzes highlighted on NavBar. Arrow points to expanded window for Quiz List.

The course content may also have links to quizzes. Check the table of contents and course calendar for additional references to quizzes.

Quiz visible from Table of Contents view.

Which Assessment

Dates are often displayed below each assessment as shown in the image below. These are the dates the assessment opens and closes. Refer to the course calendar for assessment due dates.

Quiz list with arrows pointing to date restrictions listed on one of the quizzes

Get Started

To begin an assessment in D2L, open the summary page for the selected assessment. The page will display information such as the time allotted for the attempt, number of attempts allowed, and some general instructions. Select Start Quiz to begin an assessment.

Quiz details highlighted.

Proctored Exam

A proctored exam means the exam must be administered under the supervision of a neutral third party. Students may schedule an appointment at one of our TBR Testing Centers or an instructor approved alternative proctor. It is strongly recommended students schedule their proctor appointments well in advance. Testing centers have a limited number of seats. Visit the Proctoring Overview (new window) page for instructions.

Automatic Grading

Most assessments are auto-graded as they are submitted. However, assessments that include the following types of questions are typically not auto-graded:

Instructors can answer questions about when or how an assessment will be graded.

Retake an Assessment

This decision is at the discretion of the instructor. If a student misses an exam or an assignment for any reason, the student should contact their instructor. TN eCampus cannot override instructor decisions on grades or make-up work.

If you experienced an emergency, illness, or other situation that caused you to miss an exam or assignment, try to obtain documentation (doctor's note, police report, etc.) to send to your instructor, if at all possible.


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