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3.1. Attendance FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is student attendance reported?

A: TN eCampus instructors do not report attendance. Students complete the Student Participation Survey. (See Expectations for Instructors.)

Q: How can I ensure my students are reported as attending?

A: TN eCampus instructors are encouraged to remind their students that this survey is required in order to report them as attending to their home institution and failure to do so can adversely affect their financial aid.

Q: Can the survey be reopened after the deadline?

A: No. After the 14th day of class, TN eCampus is no longer running and sending attendance reports to the campuses. If you have a student who has missed the deadline for completing the survey, please advise them to contact their Student Liaison new window. The Student Liaison at their home institution can gather data on the student's activities in Brightspace and verify the student's attendance.

Q: How do I know if my students have completed the survey?

A: Instructors can easily determine who has/has not completed the survey by following the steps outlined below:

To get started, select Surveys from the NavBar.

Course tools drop down list with arrow pointing to surveys link

Select the down arrow next to the Student Participation Survey to expand the menu and select Statistics.

Student participation survey with drop down menu expanded and arrow pointing to statistics link

Set the Restrict to filter to Users who have not taken an attempt to determine who has not completed the survey or users who have completed an attempt. Then use the magnifying glass icon to search. Students sometimes forget to click the Submit button at the end of the survey. Search for Users with attempts in progress as well. Students have an unlimited number of attempts on this survey, if you find a student has an attempt in progress, advise them to retake the survey. Remind them to complete the survey with the Submit button at the end.

Q: What should I do if a student has not participated in class?

A: Go to the Classlist to determine if they are accessing the course. If the student has accessed the course, there will be a date in the Last Accessed column next to their name as shown below.

If the student has never accessed the course, the Last Accessed column will be blank. If this is blank or it has been a while since the student has accessed the course, please reach out to your Student Liaison new window to determine the student's home institution. You or your Student Liaison can then reach out to the student's home institution or TN eCampus Student Support to gather contact information for the student to reach out and try to engage the student in a class.

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