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6.16. Accessibility Checker

Brightspace Accessibility Checker

The HTML editor has many functions to assist in content development. On this page, we will look at the Accessibility Checker function. Begin by choosing Edit HTML.

Lower tool bar with Edit HTML highlighted.

 When the edit window opens, a short row of icons will appear in the lower right corner. Choose the Accessibility Checker icon.


5 icons in group that include: Spell Check, Accessibility Check (highlighted), HTML Code viewer, Preview, and Full Screen.


The Accessibility Checker will open and begin to review the content. If there are accessibility errors, the checker will flag the error for review.

Take a look at an example:


Error report showing image found without alternative text. Field for text presented and options offered include: Repair, Ignore, Previous, and Next.


If there are no errors, this message will appear.



No accessibility issues detected highlighted.



The accessibility checker cannot alert you if a video does not have captions. This is a valuable tool, but the user still needs to be aware of accessibility issues and not rely solely on this feature. The Brightspace Community (new window) has a 7 step article demonstrating additional examples using this tool.

Optional Resource from D2L


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