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6.5. Announcements Tool

Create an Announcement

Announcements are a great way to keep students on track. Faculty and developers have a role in creating announcements. Faculty may add announcements during the current semester. Typical faculty announcements include a greeting or welcome message, time-sensitive updates, or adding other information specific to the course section.

Getting Started

From the Course Home page, select Announcements. The Announcements window will open. Choose New Announcement to start an announcement.

Announcements highlighted on the course page. Opens New Announcements window. New Announcement selected.

Enter a Headline (title) and content.

Headline and content highlighted.

Announcement availability has three decision points. Show Start Date sets when the announcement should be visible to students. Start Date sets announcements to be scheduled to run immediately or at a future time. End Date removes the availability of the announcement. Remove announcement based on end date will remove the announcement on the end date automatically. Additional release conditions may also be set as needed.

Availability dates highlighted. Release conditions highlighted.

Select Publish to make the announcement available or Save as Draft to save your work without publishing.

The announcements page will open with a list of all announcements in the course. Announcements will be listed in the order as they appear on the course homepage. By default, a new announcement will be listed at the top. The Course Information announcement must always be displayed at the top of the course homepage. Newly added announcements must be reordered. All other announcement items should appear below this group of announcements.

  1. Course Information 
  2. Course Description
  3. Welcome
  4. How this Course Works
  5. All other announcements

To reorder an announcement, select More Actions and then Reorder. The Reorder page will open. Change the order by adjusting the numeric order. Choose Save when complete.

More Options menu expanded to show Reorder. Opens Reorder Announcements window. Order numbers highlighted to change 3 to 1 and 1 to 5. Save selected.


Edit an Announcement

Choose Edit from the context menu of the announcement. The Edit Announcement page will open. Make any necessary edits to the content or availability. Choose Update to finish.


Course Information menu expanded to Edit. Opens Edit Announcement window. Update button selected.

Copy Announcements

Announcements that have a lot of the same content can now be copied by choosing Copy in the context menu. The copy of the announcement will include:

The new announcement will be in draft mode and will not trigger any actions until saved.

Sample announcement with context menu expanded to Copy.

Delete an Announcement

Select an announcement and choose Delete from the menu. A confirmation window will open. Choose Yes to continue.

Course Information menu expanded to Delete. Opens Confirmation window. Yes selected.


To delete more than one item, select each checkbox of the items you want to delete. Choose the Delete at the top of the list. A confirmation window will open. Choose Yes to continue.

Checkboxes highlighted for possible selection of existing announcments. Delete button selected to open Confirmation window. Yes selected.

Announcements can be restored. Select More Actions and then choose Restore. The Restore Announcements window will open. Check the announcement you want to restore. Choose Yes to continue.

More Actions menu expanded to Restore. Restore selected and Spring Project checked and highlighted. Confirmation Yes selected.

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