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6.17. Course Files, Quicklinks, & Outside URLs

Add a File from Manage Files

Manage Files is like a digital filing cabinet; it’s a place where you upload, store, and organize files for later use. To open managed files, select Course Admin from the navbar. Then choose Managed Files from the Course Administration list.

Files can be uploaded from your computer or course content can be created and saved to Managed Files. It is tempting to save files directly into course content, but that method will not propagate to new sections through cloning each semester. All course content should be organized and saved in Managed Files.

Course Admin highlighted on Navbar. Arrow pointing to Managed Files. Arrow pointing toward opened page for Managed Files.

If there are files in the Managed Files to link the course's content, select the module's menu where the new file should be displayed and choose Add from Manage Files from Upload/Create.


Upload/Create menu expanded to display the Add from Manage Files option.

The Add a File window will open. Select the folder where the file is stored.

Add a file dialog window displaying the folders within the course files area.

Mark the checkbox for the file and select Add.

Add a file dialog window with a course file from the module 01 folder selected and the Add button highlighted.

The document will be added to the bottom of the current module or sub-module and will be titled exactly as it is in the course files. Use the document handle (the three gray lines next to the document title) to drag the document to the correct position.

File chosen from the course files displayed in the course content area. File being moved in the course content area with the gray bar indicating the locating highlighted.

The document title may be edited by choosing Edit Properties In-place from the menu of the document. Select the Title of the document to edit it.

*Please note, it is NOT recommended to set dates and restrictions on documents, links, or modules in the content section of the course.

Menu for the document expanded to display the edit properties in place option. The Title of the document, Dates and restrictions options and Add a description are highlighted.

Add a description of the document. The text editor will open. Enter the description and choose Update.

Description textbox expanded with the Update button highlighted.


Quicklink to an Activity

Choose Existing Activities to link activities into the course. Select the type of activity to be linked to the menu. In this example, a Discussions topic is selected. Add Activity will open. Choose the discussion forum where the topic to link is located.

Existing Activities menu expanded to display list of options, including Discussions highlighted. Add activity dialog window with Class Discussions highlighted.

The topics included in the forum will then be listed. Select the topic to be linked to the module.

After selecting the topic, the window will close and go back to the module in the table of contents. The Module 4 Discussion link is now included in the Activities sub-module.

Add Activity window with the Module 4 Discussion topic within the forum selected listed. Course content area with highlighted discussion topic linked.


Create a Link to an Outside URL

Links can be added to any content page, but there are times you may want to use a web resource as a standalone product. Creating a link reserves a spot directly into a module or submodule.

To get started, choose Create a Link from the Upload/Create menu in the module where the link should appear. The New Link window will open. Enter the desired Title and the URL. Choose Create when finished. The window will close and the link will be displayed in the module.

Upload/Create menu expanded to display the Create a Link option. New link dialog window with the Title and URL textboxes and the Create button highlighted. Link to external website displayed in the course content area.

After creating the link, it is recommended that you provide some instructions or description of this web resource to guide students to the desired outcome. Please test all links once they are created to ensure they work properly.

Opening the link reveals options to set restriction and provide instructions and guidance.


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