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6.19. Quizzes: Create a Quiz with Quiz Builder

Create a Quiz

Navigate to Quizzes from the Navbar. Manage Quizzes will open. Choose New Quiz.

Navbar displays the Quizzes button. Arrow points to expanded Quiz list page with the New quiz button highlighted.

Enter an appropriate Name for the quiz. Use categories to organize your quizzes and graded items. Choose from the Category menu or add category if categories are not already created.

Sample name entered. Add Category highlighted.

New questions may be created from the New menu by following the same steps outlined when creating a question in the Question Library, but this example will cover importing questions from the question library. It is recommended all questions be created in the question library and imported into quizzes. Select Add/Edit Questions to create questions directly in the quiz. 

Add/Edit Questions button

Quiz Builder

The new Quiz Builder experience is an updated workflow within the existing Quizzes tool for creating, importing, editing, deleting, and reordering questions, question pools, and sections within quizzes. It streamlines the quiz creation and editing process without compromising advanced features. 

Get started by choosing Add or Import.

Ready to begin adding quiz content? Arrows pointing to Add or Import.

Add a New Question, Section, or Question Pool 

Choosing Add opens three more choices. A New Question is the simplest way to begin, but consider if this assessment material could be used again. (Developing a rich Question Library is a strong solution for detailed assessment development. Question Library is developed in an upcoming section.)

There are many question types to choose from. Consider whether you prefer auto-graded questions, such as Multiple Choice or Matching, or question types that will require a human touch, such as Short Answer or Fill in the Blanks.

Add button expanded to New Question, expanded to list of question types from True or False to Significant Figures.

Change Your Mind

A nice feature in this update is the option to change your mind. Let's say you started to write a Multiple Choice question, but a True or False question would better serve the need. Even after the question is written and possible answers are inserted, the question type can be changed.

Choice menu shows Multiple Choice question and answers are already populated. Arrow pointing to expanded menu of question types hovering inside the image. True or False is highlighted.

Go back to the question menu and make the change. The answer fields will be deleted and repopulate with the empty answer fields. The question content will remain the same. This only applies to questions that have not been saved.

True or False selected with arrow pointing updated answer options True or False.


While creating or editing questions, notice the Options menu. This group of options was moved to a menu to make a cleaner work area. These are important functions that can be accessed or hidden as you need them.

Options expanded to show Add Feedback, Add Hint, Remove Short Description, Add Custom Weights, and Add Enumeration.

Choose More Actions after selecting 1 or more questions. Questions can also be Deleted here.

Questions with check marked and More Actions expanded to Toggle Bonus, Mandatory and Set Points.

The Section and Question Pool options go deeper into the process. Sections can be used to create groups of questions for content topics or they can be associated with learning objectives.

Section window open with Title highlighted. Section text has a sample. Check boxes for hiding text from students and shuffle questions in the section.

Choosing Question Pool allows users to randomly draw a select number of questions from a pool. Questions must be imported from the Question Library. After the import, users may select the number of questions and set the value if different from the default settings in the question library.

Browse Question Library button with arrow pointing to expanded window. Sample questions checked to add. Number of Questions to Select and Points per Question highlighted.

Browse Question Library or Upload a File

Import is the second half of the question options. Import allows two options: Browse Question Library or Upload a File. There is a Knowledge tutorial page in this chapter for the Question Library (new window). It is highly recommended to utilize this feature to organize and efficiently use assessment resources to their fullest.
Choosing  Import and Browse Question Library assumes questions have been created in the Question Library. If not, consider developing and organizing questions in the library first. It may seem like an extra step, but it will be a time-saver in the long run.

Import expanded to reveal Upload a File or Browse Question Library which is highlighted.

*Please note, Brightspace now supports import to a Section.

Import options include Top of the Quiz and Import to Section.

Upload a File is only recommended if the user is very familiar with CSV spreadsheets or zipped course packages. You may download a CSV template to see if creating questions in this manner works best for you, or if you have exported questions in this format. The other methods described above are typically more user friendly to all.

Drag and drop window open. Under Support Formats, Download template CSV highlighted.

Select Back to Settings (quiz name) when finished. The questions section will close and go back to the Properties tab of the Edit Quiz page. All questions added are listed there.

Back to Settings highlighted.

From this view, new questions can be added or point values can be edited. Choose Edit Values to change the value. On the right of each question, a numerical difficulty value (Diff) may be assigned. The question can be mandatory by selecting the Mandatory checkbox. Select the Bonus checkbox to indicate bonus questions. (These changes were also noted under Question Pool.)  

Edit values section with the textbox for the point value of a question highlighted.  Arrow pointing toward question page with Difficulty, Mandatory, and Bonus options highlighted for each question.

Choose Save and Close when finished.

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