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1.10. Course Evaluation Survey

Course Evaluation Survey

Instructors have a new resource to view course evaluation survey response data. It is accessible directly from the TN eCampus homepage. Scroll down from the top of the page to My Surveys on the right. Choose Evaluation Kit to access current survey data. 

TN eCampus homepage with arrow pointing down (bottom of the page) to Evaluation Kit under My Surveys. Fall 2018 and spring 2019 also highlighted in another button/region.

*Please note, survey data from the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2019 is also available from the previous source. Choose the next widget for that date range.

View a Survey

Choose the project you want to review under Project Results. In this example, there is 1 survey and 2 participants that have completed the survey. (Your survey results will likely have more detail.) You may also monitor the survey activity from Response Rate Tracker by choosing the project or viewing the graph. Response Rate Tracker only tracks submissions and summarizes that information.

Course selected under Project Results. Response Tracker also shown with 2 results.

There is a secondary navigation option by choosing the 3 horizontal bars icon.

3 horizonal bars icon highlighted with an arrow pointing to reports. That menu is expanded to show options. 

Report Options

There are a variety of options available to review the data by choosing the Report/download icon. A menu list of report options will open. Detailed and Detailed + Comments are typically useful report types. There are 2 other report types and a Raw Data option to explore as well. Choose the report type of your choice for any of the courses listed.

Course selected with six options that include Detailed, Short, Response, Raw Data, and Feedback.

Reports may be opened as a PDF or saved to a file.

Open with PDF and Save File options highlighted

This image is a portion of a Detailed + Comments. This report defines response summaries and also graphs the data. Additionally, if the survey offers a question with a comment option, the actual comments will be presented in the report.

Sample summary reponses and an example of comments highlighted in the next question.

Student Tutorial

Students have a tutorial for surveys too. Feel free to share this link Course Evaluation Survey (new window).

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