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6.28. Quick Eval for Assignments

Using Quick Eval

Quick Eval is a tool to help instructors quickly access student products for assessment. Use this tool to find and prioritize learner submissions in one location.

Getting Started

Working from the NavBar, choose Quick Eval. Assignments are listed in Quick Eval’s Submissions or Activities tabs to review unevaluated learner submissions.

Triple period/menu icon highlighted expanding Dismissed activities in the Quick Eval window.

Choose Submissions

The Submissions view will list all student submissions regardless of the topic. Conversely, Activities will list all assignments with student submissions. You may the Filter options to narrow the visible list.

Under submission tab Name and Activity are both highlighted. The Filter is expanded to reveal Activity, Course and Date are also highlighted.

The Activities view organizes learner submissions by topic. This view makes it easy to complete all assessments for one assignment, discussion, or quiz, before moving on to the next task. This feature helps evaluators who prefer to evaluate submissions in the context of an activity. Activities view displays indicators to show the progress on submissions, progress on evaluations, and progress on publishing feedback to learners. It also includes links to the evaluation page, submission page, and publish all action.

With Activities highlighted. New submissions and posts are highlighted. Graphic indicators of progress of submissions.


Make a choice of a submission to evaluate. Expand the rubric if provided. The score is entered on the lower right side of the window. Overall Grade and Overall Feedback can be used along with additional tools at the bottom of the panel, such as Record Audio.

Rubric expanded. Total Grade and Overall Feedback highlighted.

Instructors may Publish to release grades or Save as Draft to finalize at a later time. Choose Back to Quick Eval anytime to go back to the list.

Arrows pointing to Publish and Save as Draft.

Dismiss Activities

Instructors may remove items from their Quick Eval. Originally, this could be set a specific date or forever. Dismissed items can be restored when there is a new submission. The removed activity appears on the Dismissed Activities list and can be restored at any time. Once a new submission arrives in the Quick Eval list, the previously dismissed activity reappears there. Choose the menu icon above the filter/search to choose Dismissed activities.

Triple dot menu expanded to Dismiss activities. Main window features a sleeping cat with the caption. "All Caught Up!".

If there are no new submissions, "You're all caught up!". As you evaluate submissions, they will disappear from the list as well.

Additional Resources

*Caution, these videos capture the overall use of this tool, but they were created before the New Assignment Evaluation (KB) tool was introduced.


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