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4.1. Simple Syllabus - Syllabus Simplified

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TN eCampus has partnered with Simple Syllabus to drive an important student communication innovation. Simple Syllabus makes it possible to ensure accessible and consistent messaging around class schedules, office hours, textbooks to be used, policies, instructor bios, and even content sensitive to accreditation such as learning objectives and the course outline for the entire course catalog.

The migration to a new syllabus format has already been completed by the TN eCampus administrators and your course developer. As the course instructor, you only need to update Instructor Information. The written instructions below show you how to update this information.

Instructors have an important role in syllabus management for their course section/s.

Getting Started with Simple Syllabus

In your D2L course section, you will see a submodule in your "Getting Started" module called “Course Syllabus” with the “Simple Syllabus” tool link in there.

Please don't remove this new submodule or move the new Simple Syllabus tool link from that submodule. The new tool is how all TN eCampus section instructors and students will access their Syllabus.

You and your students will access the new syllabus directly through the course’s Table of Contents in the Getting Started module. Open Course Syllabus submodule and then choose the Simple Syllabus tool link to begin.

Arrow from Getting Started to Syllabus link.

Scroll to the Faculty/Instructor Information section. Click the pencil icon to edit your information, your name and alternate email will be auto-populated by Simple. Please add your phone number (optional but strongly recommended), and additional email. Please also note the Help text provided which includes the Course Developer information for your course.

Note: All other sections of the syllabus are already complete, and you will NOT be able to edit them.

Submitting your Simple Syllabus

Once you have updated your details in the Faculty/Instructor Information, don’t forget to click on Submit when finished. 

If you don’t submit your syllabus after updating your instructor details, the info you add will not be saved, and students will get an error when they try to view the Syllabus.

Note: If you are an instructor for multiple sections of the same course (R50, R51 etc.), don’t forget to update the Simple Syllabus in each section separately.

Need Help?

Send a ticket to the Help Desk (HelpSpot) for questions and support. Use the category Instructional Support, Simple Syllabus.

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