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4.13. Edit Faculty Profile

Edit Faculty Profile Information

The Edit function is reserved for profile management and credentialing staff at the home institution of the faculty member. Profile management is a fluid process. Institutions may find new records, old records that need updating, or instructors may leave the system. Editing a profile works nearly identically to creating a faculty profile.

Choose the Edit tab and review the profile. All documents and faculty information can be modified except institution.

Screencast image of Demo Professor Faculty Information window. Image contact fields for First Name Demo, Last Name Professor, Email address Demo@tbr.edu and D2L Username Demo Professor

*Please note, profile status has been added as of 10/2019. New profiles are created as Active by default. Profiles may contain important historical data. Home institutions may edit profiles to change the status of profiles. Consider marking instructors Inactive instead of deleting instructors who have moved away, retired, or are otherwise not likely to be teaching in the near future. This allows the data and ocumentation of the instructor to be retained, but allow users to view reports lists with or without the inactive staff.

Directory information presented with the addition of Active/Inactive status menu expanded to the Active and Inactive options presented.

Review all changes. Sample points provided below.

Screencast image of Licenses and Certifications window workflow. Blue arrows generally pointed to Credentialed For and Course suggesting these are editable sections. Each has a Remove button and Add Another Item.

Choose Save to complete the edit of the faculty profile.

Screencast image of green Save button.

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