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4.6. Notifications and Activity Feed

Course Notifications

Students can receive announcements, notifications of changes, and updates to course content. Notifications may also be for Activity Feed. You will see announcements on the home page, but your instructor may choose to use Activity Feed as well. Activity Feed allows more of a two-way conversation like social media communication. Choosing notifications will allow users to be active in the conversation without logging into their course constantly.

To customize notifications, select the down arrow from Announcements and choose Notifications.

Announcements menu expanded to Notifications.

Use the Brightspace Pulse app to receive notifications on your phone. Download Brightspace Pulse available on iTunes Opens in new window or Google Play Opens in new window.

Smartphones pictured with labels for the App Store and Google Play.

Set up your email account or register your phone depending on your preferred notification delivery option.

Change your email settings and Register your mobile. Email summary menu expanded to Never, Daily and Weekly.

Choose any or all of the notifications you prefer. Then choose the delivery method SMS for your phone, email, or both. While you can choose all options, consider how distracting multiple notifications could be. Choose the notifications that best fit your needs to stay informed.

Selectable list of options from Activity Feed, Announcements, Assignments, Content, Discussions, ePortfolio, Grades, and Quizzes.

There are a couple more options to consider here. You may also manage how to handle one or more courses if you are enrolled in multiple courses at the same time.

Include my grade value checked. Manage my course exclusions highlighted.


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