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4.5. Course Evaluation Survey

TN eCampus Course Evaluation Survey

TN eCampus uses surveys to capture important feedback from students regarding course quality and effectiveness. Please review the instructions and screen images in this tutorial.

*Please note, this is not the Student Participation Survey same frame. Student Participation Survey is a very important, but separate survey, that must be completed in the first 14 days of class. Please refer to that tutorial for specific information.

Survey Prompt

When logging in, you may be prompted to take one or more surveys. Select the Go to Survey or choose Do It Later. Prompts will popup after a new login. Please check the due date before choosing Do It Later.


Survey prompt popup to complete now or later.

Multiple Surveys

There may be more than one survey to complete. Some students may be enrolled in multiple TN eCampus courses at the same time. Check the Academic Calendar new window for the active survey date range. If multiple surveys are available, but only one survey is completed, the system will not prompt a reminder again until you have logged out and back into Brightspace. Additionally, you will see reminders on the TN eCampus homepage for the Student Services Survey.

*Please note, the popup does not display on the course homepage. The popup is visible when logging into TN eCampus. It is not triggered each time the student lands on a course's My Homepage. A link to return to the active list is presented at the end of each survey as well.

Complete a Survey

After choosing a survey link, the survey will be displayed in Brightspace. Choose radio buttons for each question to respond to. Check the bottom of the page and select Next to continue if the survey has multiple pages.

Sample set of questions with options to select radio buttons Strongly Agree, Neutral and Strongly Disagree with arrows pointing to each.

Surveys may also include Textbox responses to add personalized comments.


Textbox for personalized comments

Choose the Submit at the bottom of the last page when finished or choose Exit to leave the survey without submitting it. The survey is not complete without choosing Submit.

Open textbox with Submit at the bottom.

Choose Submit again to confirm in the next window.

Confirm window with Submit highlighted

After submitting the survey, a completion message will appear in the next window. You may choose My Surveys to see available surveys. This link can be used to complete any remaining surveys.

Completion message with datestamp. My Surveys also highlighted.


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