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2.4. Semester Start Prep Tips

TN eCampus wants to help our incoming students be mentally ready for starting a new semester.

For ANY online class, you should:

Special Tips for BIOL 2010 and BIOL 2020 Students:

These biology course(s) are Gateway courses. According to the University of Texas at San Antonio, “Gateway Courses are generally courses that are necessary for students to progress through their chosen major and are usually those courses which contain material in which a student needs a clear-cut comprehension in order to be successful in completing other course requirements for the major.”

Students in the TN eCampus BIOL 2010 and BIOL 2020 classes are being prepared for future healthcare careers.

Here are some additional tips for students in our BIOL 2010 and 2020 courses:



Virtual tutoring resources will be available to you once you are logged into your class. Your home school should also have tutoring available. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources.

Please address any issues with your instructor early in the semester. If you continue to have problems that cannot be resolved, you can contact your Student Liaison (new window) at your home institution as well as the Student Success team by contacting TN eCampus (new window).


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