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4.4. Surveys

Common Surveys

There are three surveys that you will see each semester in your online course. There may also be other surveys in the course created by the instructor, but these are the most common to every course.

Student Participation Survey

The Student Participation Survey Opens in new window verifies attendance and must be completed in the first 14 days of class. Attendance is reported to the home institution on the 4th, 9th, and 14th day of class. Failure to complete the survey can negatively impact your financial aid. The Student Participation Survey can be accessed by following the link on the Course Home Page or selecting Surveys from the NavBar during the 14 day period.

Brightspace NavBar with Surveys highlighted.

Student Services Survey

A prompt to complete the Student Services survey will "pop-up" when logging into Brightspace near the end of the semester. Follow the link to complete the survey. Once completed, the survey will no longer be available.

Course Evaluation Survey

The Course Evaluation Survey Opens in new window will be available close to the end of the semester and will "pop-up" when logging to Brightspace. Follow the link to complete the survey.

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