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6.35. Quizzes: Assessment

Quiz Assessment

Choosing a quiz will open the Edit Quiz page. Select the Assessment tab. Automatic grading and auto export to gradebook are typically setup with quizzes. Check Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion under Automatic Grade.

Select the grade item to associate the quiz with from the Grade Item menu and check Allow automatic export to grades.

*Please note, if you have not yet set up the gradebook, grade items will not appear in the Grade Item drop-down menu. It is recommended that you set up the gradebook before creating any quizzes, assignments, or discussion topics.

Assessment tab highlighted on the Edit Quiz page.  Grade item drop down menu and the auto export to grades checkboxes highlighted.  Automatic grade checkbox that allows the attempt to be graded immediately.

Enter the number of attempts to be allowed from the Attempts Allowed menu and choose Apply. Choose which grade will be used from the Overall Grade Calculation menu, if multiple attempts are allowed. See the expanded menu for all choices. Advanced Attempt Conditions offers options to apply minimum, maximum, or both scores. Choose Save and Close when finished.

Attempts drop down menu with the apply button highlighted. Arrow from Overall grade calculation menu to expanded menu displaying: Highest, Lowest, Average, First and Last Attempt. Save and Close button highlighted.

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