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6.31. Edit or Delete a Quiz

Edit a Quiz

Select Quizzes on the NavBar to edit a quiz. The Quizzes page will open. Select a quiz and choose Edit. Follow the previous steps to Create a Quiz (same frame) and make any necessary changes.

Quizzes highlighted on navgar. Arrow pointing to the Quizzes page. Quiz context menu and Edit highlighted.

Editing Quizzes with Previous Attempts

Points for all past quiz attempts are no longer modified when edits are made that affect the overall points and/or the grading calculations for a quiz. Now, all previous quizzes with attempts will display the quiz and grading calculations that appeared to the learner at the exact time they made the attempt. Quizzes — User Experience with Previous Attempts (new window)

Setup Reports

The Report Setup tab on the Edit Quiz page is now available on the context menu of a quiz and reads as Setup Reports. The Reports option available on the quiz context menu is also updated and reads as View Reports.

Quiz context menu expanded to Setup Reports

Delete a Quiz

Navigate to the quiz list. There are two methods to complete this process. Select the context menu of the quiz and choose Delete, or mark the checkbox of a quiz or quizzes to delete and choose More Actions. Choose Delete from the list. Either method will prompt a Confirmation window to open. Choose Delete.

Context menu expanded with Delete highlighted. Second method highlighting Sample Quiz and checkbox. More Actions menu expanded with Delete highlighted. Confirmation window with Delete highlighted.


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