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6.36. Grades

Create a Category

Gradebook categories enable easy organization of the gradebook which enables both students and instructors to easily locate specific grade items. Navigate to the gradebook by selecting Grades from the navbar. Choose Category from the New menu.


Grades highlignted on the navbar. New menu expanded to Category.


Enter a descriptive Name for the category, such as Assignments, Quizzes, or Discussions. The grade items that will later be created will be associated with the category according to the tool they are associated with. A Description and student view are optional. The use of Short Name is discouraged. If it is used, remember to make it descriptive and consistent with the other names.

*Please note, additional categories such as exams and essays are an option.


Category name and description are highlighted. Short Name is highlighted but discouraged. Allow users to view description is checked.


Check Distribute points across all items if the points for the grade items to be included in the category vary from other grade items. It is recommended that nothing is marked under Display Options.

*Please note, while the Restrictions tab has options to set Visibility dates and Release Conditions, these options should not be used on Grade Categories or Grade Items.

Choose Save and Close when finished.


Grading checkboxes Can Exceed, Exclude from Final Grade Calculation and Distribution highlighted. Display Options highlighted with a red circle white bar don't use graphic.


Create a Grade Item

Choose Item from the New menu to create a grade item. There are several types of grade items to choose from, but the most common is numeric. In this example, we will select Numeric from Choose a Grade Item Type. 

New menu expanded to display Item. New Item window open. Numeric highlighted with Selectbox, Pass/Fail, Formula, Calculated, and Text shown as options.

Enter a descriptive Name for the grade item. The use of Short Name is discouraged. If it is used, remember to make it descriptive and consistent with the other names. Select the appropriate Category for the grade item from the Category menu. Only categories created will be listed in the Category menu. Categories may be created here, but it is recommended to set them up in advance in the gradebook to keep everything logical and consistent.


Item name and category menu are highlighted. Short Name has a same SI. There is a comment sharing that short name is vague and confusing.

If Distributed points across all items are set when the category created, there will not have the option to change the Maximum Points. Set the appropriate point value in Maximum Points, if not previously setup.

Grade Scheme and Rubric information may be adjusted in this section as well. Select Save and Close when finished. The New Item window will close and return to the gradebook with the newly created grade item displayed under the category.

Add Categories for Grade Items--Update

Categories may be added for text, calculated, and formula grade items. This feature enables faculty to better organize the grade book. This improved organization does not impact the calculation of the category these grade items are in. The totals in these categories do not contribute to the final grade.


10 Maximum points textbox under the grading option. Grade Scheme (Default Percentage), Add Rubric, Create Rubric highlighted. Save and Close highlighted.

Bulk Edit

You can make edits across selected items using Bulk Edit.

  1. In a course offering, access the Grades tool
  2. From Manage Grades, create a few grade items of different types (numeric, text, formula, calculated)
  3. On the Manage Grades screen, select the checkboxes next to the grade items
  4. Click the "Bulk Edit" option
  5. See that Category column does not have option to edit in bulk screen. Other items are editable as well.

Editable fields highlighted, including categories, grade scheme, points and title.

Delete a Grade Item or Category


The Final Letter Grade - Do Not Remove grade item should NEVER be removed from ANY course. This is where the instructor will enter the final grade for each student and TN eCampus will pull the grade reports to be sent to the campuses from this field.

Navigate from Grades on the navbar to the Manage Grades tab in the gradebook.

If a grade item is tied to an activity, it must disassociate that activity with the grade item before it can be deleted. The Association column of the gradebook will indicate the tool the grade item is associated with if it is linked to an activity.

Select Delete from the More Actions menu.



Manage grades in the gradebook page. Manage grades page with the association column highlighted. More actions drop down menu expanded to display delete option.


Mark the checkbox next to the grade item or category to be deleted and select Delete to remove.

A Confirmation window will open. Select Delete to finish and return to the manage grades tab.


Item checked with Delete hightlighted. Confirmation window with delete button highlighted.

Manually Entered Grades

Question types with selectable answers may be graded automatically. Written response question types must be graded manually. If you quiz or assessment has a mixture of question types, the final grade cannot be processed without instructor input. To get started choose an item to grade.

Choose the item and the appropriate Attempt.

To support instructors who need to manually score questions within quizzes, the following quiz status and quiz grading workflow updates are available:

Gradebook Library Group (12)

D2L has a series of videos on grade tools that start with this video.

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