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6.21. Groups

Groups Tool

Groups are a means of organizing learners within a course offering into a smaller unit. Groups are individual org units that exist below course offerings in the org structure.

Why Use the Groups Tool?

The Groups tools can be used for:

How to Create Groups

Groups can be created before all users have been added to a course, but it is considered a best practice to wait until all users are enrolled. This prevents manual user additions to groups later on. Groups is not on the NavBar, choose More/Course Admin and Groups.

Course admin window expanded to show Groups.

In the Groups tool, create a New Category for this set of groups. As an effective practice, the category is generally the assignment/activity the groups relate to. Choose the Enrolment Type based on the following criteria:

Depending on the enrolment type, you will be asked for the number of students per group or the number of groups you wish for the class. You will also be asked for a Group Prefix, which will be given to each group in this category and will allow for easier searching. 

The described input fields and menus highlighted.

For a deeper dive, refer to the Groups Quick Reference Guide (new window) or watch one of these videos for more information.

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