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6.20. Discussion Evaluation Experience (New)

New Discussion Evaluation Experience

This feature updates the user evaluation experience when assessing a topic or an individual learner, allowing instructors to better review and evaluate discussion contributions. The evaluation interface for Discussions has a similar layout as the New Assignment Evaluation Experience.

Evaluation tools like Grades, Rubrics, and Feedback are moving to the Right-Hand panel to display in the same way. No more scrolling up and down to see both the rubric and the post at the same time! The rubric component will drop down the side panel or pop out into a new window for grading.

Feedback highlighted in the right panel. Rubric expanded to reveal check boxes for  grade sliders

Also consistent with Assignments is the header panels with the activity name display, navigation - either back or iterating through submissions. The draggable divider works the same here allow you to customize the space. The adaptive mobile view is just as useful in this view with the evaluation tools tucking into a neat drawer when the screen gets smaller.
Described in text. Overall grade, overall feed back and comments can be hidden or expanded in one click.

Evaluation in Pulse

Many have been waiting for mobile evaluation improvements. The new mobile evaluation experience is more than just responsive, it is fully adapted to smaller screen sizes. While using smaller screens, such as a phone or a smaller tablet in portrait mode, the entire panel from the right side of the screen tucks into a neat and tidy drawer so that you can see and annotate files you’re grading without trying to manage unwieldy horizontal scroll bars.


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