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6.45. Video Note Recording

Brightspace Recording with Video Note

Video Note is a built-in video recording tool that makes it easy to personalize the learning experience with video-based course content, instructions, student feedback, and general message. This tool is available in any feature that supports the Insert Stuff tool. That includes tools such as Content, Calendar, Discussions, and Assignments. Video Note offers 30 minute recording times and better than average automatic captions for accessibility compliance.

*Pro-tip: Video Note is a great way for an instructor to quickly and easily introduce themself to the class.

If you start with a video on a new page or resource, choose Upload/Create to begin.

Content, Calendar, Discussions, and Assignments highlighted with arrow to Upload / Create

Select Create a File to start a new course file.

Upload / Create menu expanded to Create a File

If you have a page or resource you want to use or use a newly created page, choose Insert Stuff from the toolbar.

Insert Stuff highlighted

Choose Video Note.

Insert Stuff expanded to Video Note

Brightspace will initially confirm the camera and microphone. (Check Remember this decision to stop this check for future recordings.)

Allow camera and microphone window expanded

A prerecorded video file can still be added through Upload File, but the live image will open by default. Choose New Recording to begin. Choose Stop Recording when finished. Cancel will end the process and not save the recording.

Video Note window open. New Recording highlighted with arrow pointing to recording window. Stop Recording highlighted.

Give the video and Title and Description. Be sure to check Automatically generate captions from audio. Choose Next to continue

Sample title and description provided. Auto generate captions checked.

You may Refresh Preview to review the video or choose Insert to add to the course file. Even short videos may take a few moments to a few minutes to process and be available. 

Refresh Preview and Insert highlighted

The video and any other content is ready to Save and Close.

Sample video with play symbol highlighted. Save and Close highlighted.

Video Captions

Creating videos is ultimately easy and fast. To make videos for all users or users in all environments, captioning is very important and also pretty easy. Choosing the gear icon to choose Captions. Captions are off by default but it toggles each time selected.

Gear icon with arrow pointing to caption toggle.

The caption processing is good in Brightspace, but like any automated process, it is still important to review the result. You will likely see a few words that were not captured correctly. Likewise, capitalization and punctuation will need some editing as well. Save the file with captions on. Choose the gear icon in the upper right. Choose Video Note Captions.

Gear icon highlighted. Arrow pointing to Video Note Captions.

This will open a list of video recordings. Search by title and author to find the exact video. Select the video to open it.

Search and Author fields highlighted. Sample search results revealing Title, Description, Author, Org unit and Creation Date.

The captions will open if auto-captioning was set and captions are on default in the video. Notice the highlighted areas. These captions were close to the actual word, but they can be easily corrected in each line. Make the edits and choose Save Captions. Only use Delete if you want to type all of the captions by hand. This is not recommended.

Sample auto captioned text highlighted with mistakes in word recognition and punctuation.

Please provide and edit captions in videos. Many learners with and without disabilities depend on them. 

Prefer a short video?


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